Hi Kevin, thanks for your response!

Yes, whilst I think the “right time” to meet the family is so subjective — I personally would feel uncomfortable meeting family too early — if it’s a good enough time and they keep putting it off (meeting each other’s families) then I think there’s something she/he’s hiding or something that is causing discomfort, and I’d like to dig deeper into that. I agree that writing dating bios are tough, write it in any style and there will still be people out there who find it a turn off. I think it’s not just men, women too go off based on looks. I mean it’s hard not to when that’s one of the first things you see about the person and their profile. That I feel is one of the downsides of online dating especially if you aren’t too photogenic! Some people photograph well and some don’t (even if they could be gorgeous in person).

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