Hi Cyndi! Sorry for the late response, was busy and wanted to reply properly. You ask a great question. To my mind, they are both slightly different. Positive thinking is one of the tools people use when practicing LOA. Whereas LOA encompasses alot more than positive thinking.

I know lots of articles and people tout positive thinking as the first thing you do if you were to get into LOA. Personally, I disagree. I think we need to start off by digging deeper and addressing our conflicting/negative beliefs first. Once we are able to address that, accept them and heal, then the positive thinking bits come in. For eg, If you want to attract more money into your life, and you think that hey I will keep telling myself “I am rich!” whilst holding all these negative beliefs deep down about staying poor my whole life etc, then probably nothing is gonna budge on the wealth front. Thinking positive whilst having all these deeply-rooted opposing beliefs is just like sticking a band-aid over your wound, it’s temporary.

Also, I’m more a fan of positive affirmations/scripting, using positive practices than just positive thinking per se.

Thanks for reading!



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