Hi Andrew, that’s a great comment! And one that I agree with. I think many times we don’t question the reasons behind this need to always be busy/productive/hustling all the time.

Social media definitely has changed the way we live our lives, like you said this need to always compete and not miss out and keep up with the Joneses. But it’s clear this is not the most effective way to live.

I think it’s also a status symbol — I’m busier/more productive whatever, I’m leading a better, more fulfilled life than you. There’s always an implied assumption that busy = better life/better person and if you’re just chilling out, you’re lazy and your life is lame.

It’s like we always feel this need to be constantly “connected” — be it social media or emails, or doing something to feel like our lives are interesting, or — gasp! — worth living.

Thanks for your response :)



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