Hello KannBy! Your response resonates a lot with me. I prefer to interact with people IRL too. Filling in the forms and uploading photos for online dating sites just makes the whole process seem so weird and contrived. It’s like we are advertising a product (us) and the way people write their profiles and stuff just comes across really try-hard a lot of the time. A lot of the profile write-ups sound super amazing yet when you meet them in person and interact…er…. Yeah. I’m also uncomfortable judging people on photos and vice versa. Physical attractiveness is so much more than facial featuers/physique. Plus I’m not photogenic haha! And yes the constant swiping is just like looking for the next best product to buy from a catalogue. Lol. Another downside is that some people just are so dependent on apps/sites like that and they struggle to form a connection with people IRL. The entire process just rubs me the wrong way and yes, I’d probably be single for a long time too. But honestly I rather be single than go back to online dating again. I just much prefer meeting someone and forming a connection/observing the chemistry in person.

I write about relationships, personal growth and mental health. Dreamer. Tea addict. Researcher. https://abstractedcollective.com/home

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