13 life-changing lessons that online dating taught me [A Case Study]

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2 min readNov 7, 2020


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Online dating.

It’s the new way of falling in love.

But how

I remember striking up a conversation with him on Okcupid! and then deciding to meet up in person.

What was I feeling before we met? A mix of nerves, anticipation, fear, reluctance and excitement.

It was unchartered territory, something I had never done before and would have never dreamed of doing. But since everyone was jumping on the online dating bandwagon, I decided to give it a shot myself.

He asked to meet somewhere near my office and said he had this amazing fusion place to take me to.

He didn’t look the same as his profile picture and didn’t come off very warm or friendly in person.

The conversation bordered on the painfully awkward and disengaging and I was ready to call it a night after dinner (Hint: just save yourself the time and the coins and avoid having long drawn-out meals with a stranger).

And that was the first of some pleasant — but mostly unpleasant — encounters with online dating.

It can be a scary, dangerous place out there and the online profiles do offer a false sense of security and comfort.

So what should we be looking out for on this adventures such that the dates are not only fun and exciting, but that you know how to look after yourself and what to do when things turn ugly (because they can and will)?

Listen on to find out!

This episode is for the brave who are about to venture into the online dating dimension, as well as those who are wondering why this new method of meeting people isn’t quite working out for them.

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